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Review: Spandex Optional Bicycle Touring

At the end of a hard day’s ride, a Tour de France racer lies down for a full body massage, then soaks in the jacuzzi tub for a bit, and finally settles down for a brief nap. After napping, he enjoys a delicious five-course meal prepared by his personal chef in consultation with the team’s head nutritionist. During dinner, a crew of mechanics goes over his $20,000 carbon fiber bike with a fine-toothed comb to ensure everything is in tip top shape for the next day’s stage. Meanwhile, somewhere in America a bicycle tourist, or bike-packer, pedals alone, bike laden with gear, up a hill. The bike-packer has no support team. No personal chef. No team nutritionist. She rides not for fame or glory. She rides for the love of the game, for the love of adventure, for the thrill of what’s over that next hill. (more…)

Ban the Blinkie, Bubby!

Once upon a time there was a guy with a blinky bicycle taillight. The blinky taillight annoyed everybody within sight, gave some folks seizures, and generally made life miserable. But Bubby, blinkie’s owner, thought all that blinking made him safer on his bike, so he kept on blinkin’. Bzzt! Wrong. Ban the Blinky, Bubby! (more…)

Herrmans H-One S Dynamo Headlight

With Nokia (remember them?) no longer being a dominant player in the cell phone market, most Americans know precisely two things about Finland: it’s, umm, somewhere in Europe, and it’s cold. Damned. Cold. True, it is damned cold, and it is “somewhere” in Europe, but there’s another thing folks should know about Finland: it’s home to a company making some of the best bike lights on earth. (more…)

Review: Wald Giant Bike Basket

Well, I recently broke down and sold my BOB Yak bike trailer. Talk about seller’s remorse! Almost before the dude who bought it rode off, I started kicking myself and thinking “how will I haul my stuff™ now?!” Well, Mr. Bob may be gone, but his evil twin, Mr. Wald, has arrived. The Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket, to be more precise. Or as some folks call it, the Wald Big Ass Basket. (more…)

Product Review: the chain thong

For those of you that are bike commuters, or for those of you who ride with long pants, something you probably know is that long pants can get caught in the chainrings. This can be a very unpleasant experience; in the best case you end up with grease on your pants, while in the worst case you end up crashing into the nearest telephone pole, tree, or parked car. Double plus ungood. (more…)

Don’t leave home without ‘em

These five products just might save your life. They have mine. (more…)

To all the girls I’ve loved before…

You never forget your first love. I remember her like it was yesterday. She had beautiful orange and bronze skin tones from her many hours in the Texas sunshine. She wore tassels. Yes, she was dreamy. (more…)

Bikes can’t haul stuff… Huh?

Many folks tell me that bicycles are fun, but aren’t really useful. Sure, they can get you from A to B, but you can’t haul your STUFF ™ – I suppose it’s time to set the record straight. (more…)

How to carry flowers by bike

Today is Valentine’s Day but, more importantly, it’s also my wife’s birthday. When on a bike, carrying flowers can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to show up with the flowers crumpled, trust me. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Never fear, these tips will get you – and the flowers – there safely.  (more…)

SOLD! Mobiky folding bike

Whether you’re a fan of origami, appreciate elegant engineering, or need portability and space savings, a folding bicycle may be your cup of tea. The French-made Mobiky is one of the best of the breed, and completely unique. This thing will blow your mind! (more…)